Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hello Dear Ones

Hello my friends, sorry that I have not been visiting lately but as Mr John Lennon said, 'Life is what happens while you are making plans'. My little grand daughter has been taking up my 'real' life recently, she is wonderful and fascinating and magical. Just watching is the most beguiling thing on earth. My cat Daisy has had four gorgeous kittens, I have had a meeting with a 'business advisor' who was as much help as a chocolate teapot!!! I have been seriously job hunting with no success and I am trying to get my jewellery and objects out into the wild blue yonder again to no avail, however I am not the sort of woman to give up. I have also been gardening and allotmenteering and redecorating and reordering my small but, in my humble opinion, perfectly formed house. I have chosen wallpapers and paint but have yet to purchase everything!!! Phew, I am completely worn out, and to top it all Inow have an ear infection and the flue, what is a girl to do, people?  I miss meandering through cyber groves and inter web lanes, gazing at blogs, web wonders and video charms. But I will be back with returned vigour ASAP, WATCH THIS SPACE...... much love and adoration always xxxxxx

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  1. It sounds like your granddaughter is a perfectly valid reason to stay busy enough that you forget about your blog. From what I've heard, there's nothing in the world quite as enjoyable as grandchildren. ;-)

    The newest addition to my family is a sweet baby niece, and it's been really wonderful to watch my mother's reaction to her. She LOVES being a grandma.