Thursday, 13 October 2011

it has been so long, too too long

OH my goodness, I cannot believe that I have been out of your company for so long, my patient friends, my life has run away with me, and sometimes it seems without me, I have had trials, tribulations, back pain, leg pain, children trouble, home trouble, money trouble and now I living amongst rubble trouble!!!
My- how I have missed meandering down the cyber paths and rowing idly through the rivers of website wonderlands.  I am hoping to be with you fully soon, but do not hold your breath for too long my lovelies, as I am on the road to recovery but not fully there yet. My great niece is nearing the end of her leaukeamia treatment and mighty celebrations are pending - hurrah!!!
My grand daughter is awaiting treatment for her N.F.1 and I am still desperate for a job,
money is still an issue, although my debts are slowly but surely dwindling as is my energy.
Much love until we meet again my fair friends xxx

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