Thursday, 2 August 2012

sorry that i have abandoned you for so long but family ties are the ones that bind the tightest and now they are loosening a little. my grand daughter has at long last had her operation on her leg and it is mending, she has even taken some tentative steps on her own, what a miracle and a wonder, children are so intrepid are they not? i am also taking tentative steps myself, creating my own business and it is more than a little daunting, with out the benefit of a safety net!!! i will be visiting a little more often in the future and will update on all news as and when it happens,missing you all love julie xxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

it has been so long, too too long

OH my goodness, I cannot believe that I have been out of your company for so long, my patient friends, my life has run away with me, and sometimes it seems without me, I have had trials, tribulations, back pain, leg pain, children trouble, home trouble, money trouble and now I living amongst rubble trouble!!!
My- how I have missed meandering down the cyber paths and rowing idly through the rivers of website wonderlands.  I am hoping to be with you fully soon, but do not hold your breath for too long my lovelies, as I am on the road to recovery but not fully there yet. My great niece is nearing the end of her leaukeamia treatment and mighty celebrations are pending - hurrah!!!
My grand daughter is awaiting treatment for her N.F.1 and I am still desperate for a job,
money is still an issue, although my debts are slowly but surely dwindling as is my energy.
Much love until we meet again my fair friends xxx

Monday, 1 August 2011

Help, I need somebody....

I am in dire need of your assistance my dearest hearts, I am in a quandry, I have been told that I should get my drawings published, but have no clue as to where to start..... any suggestions my lovelies? xxxx all my love and fondest regards as always xxxx

Monday, 6 June 2011

hello again my dearest of dears

Hello fairest ones, how are you all, I must say that I have missed our meetings immensely. Thank you for your lovely comments, and sorry I have been away so long yet again. I have no lap top, no internet and no communication. I miss my strolls through cyber country, looking at the wondrous images and enjoying all the sites and sounds of this magical place. I do not know when I will in this place again, hopefully very soon. I have been having some personal crises(?) and am still coming to terms with some of them!
Enough of that, I trust that you are all well and happy, summer is here and in all her finery. My vegetable plot is brimming with peas, radishes, onions, carrots, marigolds and the sweetest of sweet peas, what a wonderful flower, so humble yet so full of the most perfect scent. Aaah just breathe in all the gorgeous perfume of honey suckle and rose xxxx