Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Back to Never Land

HHello dear ones, I have had a tiring week, new grand daughter, my son and his girlfriend stayed over for a few nights, I forgot how demanding little ones can be! However I enjoyed it, but am feeling utterly exhausted.
My brain seems to have forgotten how to function!!
Never fear - normal, or what passes for normal, services will be resumed as soon as possible. I am strolling through cyber lanes exploring all the wonders of the imaginary world. I remember having an invisible pet when I was younger, much younger, I was around five years old, and I had an imaginary dog.
I wonder at the mind set of children, they are so much more accepting of eccentricity and adventure than 'grown-ups'. Children adopt their prejudices from us, the parents, luckily my children are tolerant and accept people for who and what they are. Three cheers for eccentricity I say, where would we be without it?
Vivienne Westwood, Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, poets, designers, architects, inventors, artists, scientists, writers, film makers, we need creativity and individualism. 
My goodness, how enjoyable it is to express ones self, much love to all you individual bloggers xxxxx


  1. And much love to you too..I am going to be a grandmother in a few weeks when all goes well..a little baby girl..Wonderful:))

    happy day dear..enjoy being you!

  2. I Couln´t agree more with you.
    I am back fom Berlín, arrived last night.
    Today all confused and torn between leaving my daughter behind and starting a normal life again at home. And to make matters worse it is 39ºC...
    Much love to you.
    Ps: Have you ever visited my blog???

  3. oh thats wonderful, i hope all will be well - congratulations fellow grand-ma xxxx much love to you and yours xxxx

  4. Of course I have visited your blog, my darling, and I count myself among your followers. I hope you are well, and I feel for you, it must be hard to be without your daughter, my thoughts are with you xxx