Friday, 13 August 2010

Once Upon A Summer's Day ....

Well,my fairest followers it appears that our summer is over, I know that I desperately wanted the rain to come and stay for a while, but it seems to have moved in for the time being and is like a house guest that has out stayed their welcome... rain, rain go away and come back in a little while? I feel so ungrateful, as the garden is now beginning to revive, and I do love the smell of damp soil and the rain drops on the leaves.


  1. Well, we cannot have it all...I wish it was cool in the South of Spain at the moment...But I canno complain because I am still in Berlin and the weather is lovely.
    Have a super day my friend

  2. Hello, it's been a while, how are things?

    I'm really happy that it's raining again, autumn is my favourite season

    Isabelle xox

  3. i am well, hope you are too. I love all the seasons, they all have their own merits. xxx