Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A New Baby Maybe on the Way!!

I am about to become a grand=mother for the first time, in fact it is fairly imminent. My eldest son, Jake and his girlfriend Laura are two days overdue. We know the little one is a girl, and that her name will be India-Poppy, and I am looking forward to finally meeting her sometime over the next few days - I will update you all, my dear friends, as and when I have any news - what an exciting event, a new pure life. I wonder what she will look like, and what her wonderful future has in store!!!


  1. Awww congractulations :) Thats so exciting xx

  2. Oh how wonderful! a new sweet baby.
    Congratulations and I hope that all will go well for the birth.


  3. thank you so much, they are still at the hospital, no news yet!! xxx