Monday, 16 August 2010

Butterflies and Dragon Flies, true wonders x

I love butterflies, and dragon flies, they fascinate me, I could watch them for hours, so beautiful delicate yet strong. I have had a couple of slightly 'spooky' situations with both of these wondrous creatures; the first was a butterfly which settled onto my garden table whilst I was sitting reading, I looked at it and went to carry on reading, (it was a gripping read) and the butterfly seemed to take offense and moved forward towards me! I was taken aback as you can imagine, and set the book down. The butterfly, a peacock, 'strutted' towards me, stopped and sat apparently looking right at me, so I sat and looked back at 'him'. This went on for some minutes until I felt obliged to speak, so I said, as you do, 'hello, do I know you?' and the butterfly moved forward, almost under my nose, fluttered a little and was off fluttering round the table for a few seconds, then was gone, I felt rather strange and also priviledged. The other experience was with a dragon fly, we had a powerful summer storm about three years ago, and the back door was open as I love the smell of rain on the soil and grass. A dragonfly flew in and took refuge on the curtain pole, my youngest son and some of his friends were fascinated by this creature. It was beautiful, green and yellow shining like gemstones, it had a slightly damaged top left wing. My son said, 'what does it want?' to which I replied, 'shelter from the storm', 'how will we get him out without harming him', I said 'he will leave when the storm subsides', to which my son looked rather scepticle, 'trust me' I said. The rain subsided, the sun appeared, the dragon fly left through the back door, unharmed. A few days later we had another small storm, the dragon fly returned, and sheltered in the same place. Ha, I know what you are thinking, how do you it was the same one, well the wing was damaged in the very same place, again he left when the storm ended.


  1. Amazing nature when we stop and pay attention to its wonders.
    Lovely photos.

  2. I had the same conversation this very day with a lady called Isabell at the allotment, the amazing things that you observe in the garden and the vegetable patch, wonderful, if you just take the time. much love xxx