Saturday, 4 September 2010

Childhood Tales continued

When I was a child I fell in love with words, I have been in love ever since. Words are so powerful, poetic, inspiring, terrifying, exciting and so much more than I am able to express. I am no William Shakespeare, even though I share his birth date, that unfortunately is all that I have in common with the wondrous wordsmith. I have already told you how I came to adore Tolkien, but Ifell for Enid Blyton first, and Beatrix Potter, Alexander Dumas and Oscar Wilde and J.M.Barrie, and so many other wonderful story tellers, I am always reading. I read 'Larkrise to Candelford' as a young teen, probably 13 or 14 and was mesmerised. Wuthering Heights took my breath away. I try to tell my tales through my jewellery and objects, but I am no great narrator. I admire the great narrative makers such as Lin Cheung and Mah Rana, their work is simply stunning and awe inspiring to me.
Lin Cheung created a locket with words from a poem engraved on it, the words are only visible when the necklace is breathed upon, by a lover of course who else would get so close to your neck... Gerd Rothmann designed a bracelet moulded to the shape of a clients wrst to be worn by his wife, the symbolic holding of his wrist over hers, how romantic and yet so simple... x

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