Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

I have been thinking deeply, dear ones, whilst digging on my allotment. My thoughts often wander during this meditative process, and many things float through my mind. Today, my fair ones, it was  Happiness and how to pusue it!
The strange idea of this being part of the American Declaration of Independence... what constitutes happiness? every one has their own version of happiness.
I feel that the media has confused many into believing that fame and riches will make them happy, so people are fighting for their '15 minutess of fame'. As if the world owes them something, and being on T.V. or in the glossies scandal sheets will earn them money and respect. I do not read the gossip columns, nor do I buy the scrappy mags that show so-called 'celebrities' showing their knickers or falling down drunk, and I find the whole idea rather tawdry and a waste of time. 
The pursuit of happiness is not about greed, the simplest things are what really make us happy.... I hope you find yours xxx


  1. Amen-!!!

    I am sure you will find yours.


    -Samya :-)

  2. I think that happiness is peace of mind. Live the present to the full, and be greatful for the little things.
    Hapiness always works from withing.

  3. i could not agree with you more, nowadays it seems people equate happiness with money, get rich quick, scratch cards, lottery, kiss and tell, sue any thing, just live and be free xxx