Friday, 17 September 2010

the dreaded flu strikes!

Hello my dear friends, I write this in a fug of sneezing, coughing and spluttering. I hate runny noses and aching all over, that is my lot for the moment, dreadful flu, hot and cold, sore throat, tired and my eyes actually hurt!!! but still I write, because I miss you my dears - bless you all and love always to you and yours xxx


  1. Well now, we will have to take care of you in the distance. Rest, fluid and try EQUINACEA ( you can get tables from Holland &B- Increases the amount of white blood cells so you get better soon and in a natural way. I am never without, just in case. I do swear by them, so do try...
    Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ohh hope you feel better soon x

  3. i have echinacea in my herbal tea and am drinking lots of honey and lemon and am really frustrated - no allotment, no garden or crochet cant even rtead properly cos my eyes hurt thank you so much for your good wishes bless you xxx