Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Oh the frustration....

I am so frustrated at the moment, I need to get over to the allotment to dig the soil over, weed it and harvest the fruits of my labour. I was ill on Friday, Saturday I was given a newish bed by my niece but had to collect it. Bearing in mind I have no car (I cant drive) I had to carry it from my nieces house. Terry and I only live five minutes walk from Jodis house, however carrying a memory foam mattress with no handles is awkward and five minutes seemed a lot longer. Then we had to take the bed itself apart and carry it home, five or six journeys later it was all in one place. Then came the fun part of putting the whole thing back together, first taking apart the old bed, phew - what a palaver....
so I didnt get to the allotment that day! Sunday was the in laws anniversary so didnt get to the allotment that day either!
Monday, had a hospital visit, got home, made lunch and finally got ready for allotment time, as I opened the front door the heavens opened and a thunderstorm started, aaaaaagggghhhh!!! I shut the door rather quickly and reluctantly removed my wellingtons. Yesterday had to restock the larder. I hate food shopping !! I came home and had to wait for the groceries to be delivered ... I thought I would go to the allotment after that, but I had crippling stomach pains so I  just had a bath and went off to bed instead.
Perhaps I will have better luck today xx


  1. oh i am so jealous you have an allotment! i deffinately don't have green fingers. xx

  2. I could never have an allotment, too much hard work; although would love to eat what you grow, he, he.
    Today is going to be wonderful; you will find the way to make it so.

  3. I've been digging up onions and shallots at my dad's and top and tailing them all!

    If you glanced at my blog i'd be grateful :) x