Monday, 13 September 2010

Sorry its been so long...

Hello dear ones, I have been sorting out the house, the garden, the allotment and my family. Also applying for jobs with no luck so far, I have been crocheting and drawing,   
All the products of my vastly depleting energy will, hopefully, be on the the Jewellery and artwork blog shortly.
My internet will be off for a while shortly so I will be on here less often for a while. I have a terrible ear infection, and feeling a little out of sorts, dizzy and off balance, although I live my life off balance, ha ha. much love to you all, until we meet again xxxxx


  1. Do take car, we will be here waiting for you!!!

  2. thank you honey, hows your world? xxx

  3. Good luck with every thing. I wish you the best.


    -Samya :-)